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Recent book reviews from Amazon readers:

 “Best book I’ve read in a while. I couldn’t put it down. As you get into the book you feel like you really know Vince. The book was so good, I bought Tanzi’s Ice.”

“Having read some other 99-cent self-published Amazon novels, I had fairly low expectations, but it blew me away with three-dimensional characters, solid plot and great pace. If you like detective fiction, take advantage of this insane bargain before Dennis gets picked up by a major publisher.”

“A really clever, witty and all in Florida novel. The characters and plot line are easy to follow and for someone who likes Florida, you’ll love the locations in this book. Really enjoyed this book by Dennis and hope he keeps writing more. Now, on to the next C.I. Dennis novel. Keep em comin’.”

“It was such a treat to stumble on a fine new writer like Mr. Dennis. His writing embodies all the elements I think are important in a novel — descriptive ability, character development, good movement, and believable dialog. This book has great pace, and just the right amount of humor to break the drama.”

“A fun, fast read with lots of great plot twists. The campy writing style is a hoot, for example, describing an office: “It was like a set for a low-budget porn movie, and everything looked as fake as the orgasms”. If you like Janet Evonavich and Carl Hiaasen, then you’ll like this.”

Dennis will be one of the great thriller/mystery writers of his era. Great stories and an engaging prose has put him on my personal must read list.”

“I love his writing style. I got this book after really enjoying his first.”

“Having lived 20yrs in Montpelier Vermont and 20yrs in Florida, I found it very relatable! The authors setting descriptions are very real! I was laughing out loud with the descriptions of Vermont! So true!”

“Write faster C I Dennis! I’m hooked!”

“Have finished both Tanzi’s Heat and Tanzi’s Ice and I want more! Love the Tanzi character and the way Mr. Dennis writes with a little sarcasm and humor. Reminds me a little of Robert B. Parker and his Spenser books.”

“Tanzi’s adventures keep getting better and better. Vince is a conflicted, likeable, loyal, middle-aged retired cop and PI who can’t seem to keep his life peaceful despite having a beautiful wife and 9 month old son. He is all too human.”

“Dennis’s books remind me in a lot of ways of books by John D McDonald and John Sandford. Lots of twists and turns and interesting characters. You have to fight the urge to peek at the end and see how it comes out. A fun read. Waiting on the next book.”

“Love me some Tanzi! These books are like chocolate. One taste and you just want more.”

C.I. Dennis is becoming a favorite author. Entertaining, (a very) good read.”

“Fun to read if you like mysteries with a humorous twist. I have become a big fan of C.I.Dennis.”


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